Sunday, October 27, 2013

WIN! a Silver Circle Comic Book signed by Ron Paul

Randomly-Selected Silver Circle Holiday Packages Will Include a Silver Ticket Granting Exclusive Prizes

BOSTON, Massachusetts - Two Lanterns Media recently released the 3D animated dystopian film Silver Circle on DVD and Blu-Ray. In anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, starting on October 28th, special holiday packages will be made available to fans, bundling together a bevy of merch items at bargain prices. Additionally, special Silver Tickets will be randomly included in a limited number of holiday packages, offering exclusive prizes, including a copy of the Silver Circle graphic novel, signed by former US Congressman Ron Paul.

Two tiers of holiday packages will be offered:
  • The Rebel Pack retails for $40, a savings of 13%, and includes a copy of Silver Circle on DVD, the graphic novel adaptation of the movie, 2 1/10th ounce silver pieces, and “End the Fed” and Zoe Taylor themed bumper stickers
  • Zoe's Pick, named after the movie’s heroine, Zoe Taylor, retails for $75, a savings of 22%, and includes copies of Silver Circle on both DVD and Blu-Ray, the graphic novel adaptation of the movie, a custom themed one-ounce silver round, and “End the Fed” and Zoe Taylor themed bumper stickers.

Additionally, special Silver Tickets will be randomly included in a limited number of holiday packages, offering purchasers a chance to win 3 different tiers of prizes:
  • 5 lucky winners will receive 50% off coupons for a future purchase from the Silver Circle online store
  • 4 fans will receive an autographed CD copy of Rebel Inc’s self-titled album, one of the hard-hitting bands from the Silver Circle soundtrack.
  • 1 fortunate winner will receive the grand prize: a copy of the Silver Circle graphic novel, signed by former US Congressman Ron Paul

Silver Circle transports viewers to 2019, as a group of rebels, led by Zoe Taylor, struggle to mint and circulate their own silver currency after the Federal Reserve’s policies have destroyed the economy, setting up an epic conflict between the rebellion and the central bank. The film includes explosive action, romance, suspense, intrigue, and an important message about sound money.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No War With Syria Rally in Nashville, TN



"Former World Bank Senior Counsel Karen Hudes says, “It’s pretty clear where we’re headed, and that is something called permanent gold backwardation. That’s a fancy word for people losing confidence in paper currency. That means the value of currency in the future is less than today.” How bad is “permanent gold backwardation”? Hudes, who spent 20 years at the World Bank, says, “This is not just a bad event. This is like the meltdown of all meltdowns. What it means is you cannot finance international trade.” Hudes goes on to say, “Just think about what that would mean in terms of the jobless rate. It’s going to make any depression we ever had (the 30’s, 2008) pale in comparison.” "

"Hudes says even though the credit ratings agencies rate U.S. debt high, they know just the opposite is true. Hudes contends, “This is actually an underhanded move because they know the U.S. dollar is going to lose its status as an international currency.” What would that look like to the man on the street? Hudes predicts, “Prices would change on a daily basis. They would double. The number of families that would be employed would be in the minority . . . there would be lawlessness.”"

"The Federal Reserve's big day is finally here. Expectations that the central bank will announce a $10-$20 billion reduction in its monthly asset purchases are running high, but what if Chairman Ben Bernanke gets cold feet?
Such a decision would spark a bout of volatility in financial markets, highly undesirable given the fragile state of the recovery in the world's largest economy, market watchers say.

"Knowing that investors have waited with bated breath for this month's [Federal Open Market Committee] meeting, team Bernanke knows that if they fail to manage the market's expectations properly, they risk triggering a sharp rise in volatility… that could end up threatening the overall recovery," said Kathy Lien, managing director at BK Asset Management.

"The mere talk of tapering has already sent 10-year yields up a full percentage point and this move was a shock to policymakers around the world," she added. Ten-year Treasury yields have risen sharply since May, from around 1.6 percent to 2.84 percent currently."

Friday, August 23, 2013

Million American March against Fear on 9/11/13

MAMAF on 9/11

 A diverse group of Americans are gathering in Washington D.C. on 9/11/2013 to discuss and protest the erosion of our natural rights and civil liberties. We demand that the illegitimate Federal Government stop using the tragic events of 9/11 to justify the Militarization of the Police, drone killings of innocents, and Endless Wars of Occupation and Aggression in foreign countries that pose no threat to America.

This march will feature:
Harry Link
Derrick J Freeman of
Nick Defonte of
Chris Hemmer of the National Gun Association

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eric Holder champions the cause of the Police State in Nashville, TN

"The group of local ministers met privately with Holder for about an hour. Among the subjects they discussed included project Safe Surrender, a program that Holder was eager to hear about.
Beginning in 2007, the project turned a Nashville church into a place where people with outstanding warrants could safely turn themselves in.
Since then, 560 wanted fugitives have made their way to the church to clear their conscience and possibly their names.
The ministers say Safe Surrender project is one example of how faith-based organizations can work together with law enforcement"

WATCH the video:

The Police State continues to grow in Tennessee. The lines between privacy, politics, and religion are starting to blur. Should the Government be meddling in the affairs of Churches? Does this violate the principle of the separation of Church and the State?

The WSMV report failed to mention if the local Pastors questioned Holder concerning his lack of concern in enforcing a law which prevents the killing of infants if they survive a botched abortion.

 "Congress approved and President George W. bush signed into law a measure known as the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which requires that appropriate medical care and treatment be given to babies who survive failed abortions. That law should have been used to prosecute abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell, who killed infants in a gruesome abortion method that involved birthing them and snipping their necks."

I wonder if those Pastors who were so eager to meet Holder were concerned about the fact that his wife is a co-owner of an Atlanta Abortion Clinic?

"Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife Sharon Malone Holder co-owns with her sister an Atlanta area abortion clinic building."

I doubt they questioned his role in Fast in Furious scandal as well, or asked him why he lied under oath to Congress..

Remember the Clergy Response Team Controversy?

"A KSLA news report confirmed that Clergy Response Teams are being trained by the federal government to “quell dissent” and pacify citizens to obey the government in the event of a declaration of martial law."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Adam Kokesh is a Political Prisoner (update)


(Fairfax, VA)-- The ADAM VS THE MAN team attended a second bond hearing for Adam Kokesh this morning at 9AM. He remains a political prisoner at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he is being held because of charges that were filed after the police raided his Herndon residence on July 9, 2013. Adam's initial bond hearing was Monday, and he was granted cash bond at $5,000- meaning that he would have to pay the bond in full and in cash in order to be released. Adam chose to appeal Monday's decision. The public defender argued that Adam is not a flight risk, has no indication of being a threat to the community, and has a history of appearing at his court summons on time, every time. A guard was quoted by the public defender noting that Adam was "a pleasant person" and the detention center staff have had "no problems" with him. The public defender also noted that no illegal weapons were found inside the residence, and Adam is denying possession of any illicit substances that were purportedly obtained during the search.

The judge denied Adam's request for personal recognizance, and provided Adam two options for his release, both contingent on the payment of the $5000 cash bond. The Virginia State Police feel that Adam is a flight risk,and set additional conditions for his release, both of which would be supervised. Firstly, two lieutenants and a deputy of the Virginia State Police and the Fairfax County Police would be required to be notified of Adam's release. Secondly, Adam would not be allowed to possess a firearm or be in contact with those who own firearms. These conditions are worse than those granted to a convicted felon. The other option that the judge offered was to allow Adam to stay in a local homeless shelter, if the requirements specific to firearms could not be met.

It should also be noted that the affidavit that allowed Raymond Morrogh to pull the warrant for the Virginia State Police is still sealed at this time. The judge has not yet seen the affidavit.
On the afternoon of July 18, 2013 Adam was served with an additional warrant in the District of Columbia, regarding the alleged firearms violations stemming from his July 4th YouTube video, as well as a retainer issued by Fairfax County. Adam cannot move forward on the Federal charges unless he is released or posts bond. Since he was denied personal recognizance today, his only available options are to pay the $5000 cash bond, or remain a political prisoner until at least October 2nd, provided that lab results on suspected drugs supposedly obtained in the search have been released. The public defender made it clear in court today that it is unlikely that the tests will be completed by October 2nd.

This is a clear violation of a peaceful activist's right to a fair and speedy trial, for the sole purpose of feeding the local authorities and US Parks Police's vendetta against him. The government overreach present in this case has been highly specious, and serves as a prime example of the repeated attacks on the civil liberties of all who stand to challenge its monolithic oppressive force.
Now is the time for all free, beautiful and independent individuals to come together to support the plight of an inspiring independent journalist, and to stand together in solidarity to make it clear that the public will not stand for this gross violation of natural rights. In order to obtain appropriate counsel for this landmark case, Adam needs to raise $10,000 in order to obtain appropriate counsel, in addition to the $5,000 cash bond. He needs to do this in order to move forward in the legal quagmire that the US Parks Police has established in coalition with local, state and federal authorities of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Please direct all fund raising endeavors to For any questions regarding your donation, please contact